All images are Copyrighted by Miles Dulay unless otherwise noted.


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Hello everyone..its been awhile since i posted any new artwork.. I plan on revisiting a new website for my work! In the meantime I started an Instagram you can follow. Thanks! Instagram


Mo' Global Warfare buildings

Just a few more buildings I painted @ Kabam


Work in progress- Some character designs for my personal project




Here are some more stuff I did at my time at Kabam. Each building here had four stages and would fortify as the player progresses. It was fun developing and figuring out how each building would evolve. (All work is copyrighted by Kabam)
A couple planes that were added during gameplay. These illustrations would pop up when a player chooses a certain offensive or defensive attack.



Part of a desgin for a friends team shirt



45 Min speed paint- during my lunch break



Updating with artwork I did @ Kabam. I was a 2D game artist for Global Warfare.. a strategic modern war game which can be played via Facebook. (All images Copyrighted by Kabam)

City battle scene used during loading screens (Truck and tank original concept by Vu Mai)


The Sims Interrogations chairs

Wooden chair based for the Pirate theme expansion pack. (C) Electronic Arts

The Sims Medieval Loading screens

Character illustrations that appear during loading screens. All artwork copyrighted by EA. (a few of the backgrounds were done by artist Norman Felchle)

More Sims Stuff

Teddy bears and dolls (dolls were designed using the bear template for animation purposes). Also wooden chairs, sofas, beds, coffee tables and bookshelves.


The Sims Medieval Concepts

Tapestry, mosaic, stained glass, and some wood stuff