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Society of Illustrators

This piece got accepted to the SOI 2010 Student Scholarship Competition. It will be shown in a gallery at New York. Wish it luck..hopefully it can bring back some $$$. It is titled Birdcage and instructor: John-Paul Balmet. (thanks for your help man)


Vân-Anh Christine Nguyen said...

yay miles! congrats! i hope you win something out of it. :)

ariel said...

Congrat Miles! What a great work of love.Your entry won according to your Mom. Wish you more success. From: Tito Ariel

John-Paul Balmet said...

Nice dude. Very cool! Congratulations. I can't wait to see the BFA show this year.

Kate said...

wow, i've been looking through this and you are fantastically talented!
especially love this one. congrats!

Miles Dulay said...

Uncle Ariel! Thanks for your comment, your love and support!

Jp, Kate, Christine- Thanks guys for the greet.. and comments.. Im very thankful =)