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Memory Sketch

Thanks to my buddy Henry Ho for lending me his copy of David Colman's The Art of Animal Design. I read the entire book in one long sitting and was amazed of what I have learned from studying his drawings to reading every single text in the book. He talked about memory sketching as part of your studying process and how it will benefit in your drawings. After drawing a certain animal at the zoo, go home and try to draw it yourself but instead adding some story and character to your drawing. Since I live near SF zoo I kept on drawing the polar bear over and over, so I tried this memory sketch the next morning after finishing his book. This sketch took about 10 mins and then added some color. (the mouse thing was done many times before by David but I thought I will try it too.)


Jeff Carillo said...

Thanks man. You know whats funny, I was thinking the same thing. I was looking at someone else's blog a couple days ago and they did a cool Baron drawing in Cheek's style and I was like hmmm that would be cool to try to draw Monta in that style as well.

Nice memory sketch of the bear. Looks like you got that polar bear down cold. Reminds me of a friend who drew Grizzlys during 115. He already got used to drawing them that he decided to do a bunch where they did cool stuff.

butchoy said...

wsup miles...havent seen u in a minute, where u been huh?...dont know if youve seen the stan lee tribute but heres a link...
check it out, its pretty cool. i'll probly see u this weekend....oh yeah, dope drawings as always.